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“How blessed Cornerstone Presbyterian WIC was to have you speak at our retreat. The substance was excellent! I liked humor intermingled with seriousness”

Have a retreat planned and want to have an inspirational speaker? Contact Kathryn! She’s been a favorite guest speaker at many churches and organizations, and she’d be happy to speak at yours, as well.

Kathryn has presented workshops, classes and retreats at churches including

  • Fourth Presbyterian
  • McLean Bible Church
  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Shady Grove Presbyterian
  • Immanuel Bible
  • Cherrydale Baptist
  • New Hope Community

For ministries including:

  • Gospel Rescue Mission
  • MOPS
  • Bethany House
  • Stephen Ministry

For civic groups including:

  • Parents United
  • Montgomery County CODA

Topics can be selected from the recorded presentations section, or tailored to your group’s special interest. Popular topics include:

  • From Shame to Glory
  • What’s So Aggressive About Passive?
  • Finding the Love of your Life
  • Emotion Coaching Your Child
  • Domestic Violence
  • Spiritual Gifts

“From Shame to Glory: Your Pathway to Freedom” seminar attendees’ commendations include: 


“Have more courage to risk” 

“Learned ways to respond to shaming” 

“Can be gentle about mistakes” 

“Know God’s acceptance better” 

“… as a teacher, I’m going to be more careful with what I say to the children” 

“… recognize the difference between guilt and shame” 

“… understand relationship of rage to shame”

“… incredible wisdom, creative organization of complex, profoundly relevant stuff”

“… finiteness being God’s design and the incredible love of God to love me, not forsake me no matter what”

“… Jesus calls us to name our suffering, to decide what we want, to seek healing”

“… realize shame is bondage and is a tool of the enemy”

Grounded in the life-transforming truth of Romans 8:1, this acclaimed presentation is also available in book form from this site.


In addition to workshops, classes, and retreats, Katie also leads therapeutic support groups using the Shame material. Having attended the Shame seminar, or completed a self-study with a CD or the book is the requirement for participating in an eight-week group, meeting weekly. Comments from the group participants include:

“… learned healthy ways of coping and relating”

“… broke apart cyclical patterns”

“… saw no one is free of shame”

“… have the tools to handle difficult times instead of being confused”

“… made me aware of my hidden shame”

“… changed my life”

“… saw shame to be a significant part of my life choices”

“… so freeing to rid myself of the bondages I couldn’t see before”

“… great potential to know yourself and for spiritual growth”

You can reach Kathryn at
(301) 320-3000 x1121

Kathryn Chamberlin LCSW-C is in private practice for psychotherapy with adults, engaged or married couples, and families. Read more here.
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